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Seeking Assistant Commissioner
by posted 11/17/2022

The CGSL is seeking to appoint an Assistant Commissioner for the 2023 Season.

If you are interested in being considered for the position of Assistant Commissioner please email Lisa Cameron at commissioner@cgslsoftball.com before Friday, November 25th, 2022.

As this is an appointed position, all interested parties will be discussed with the Executive Committee and decided on with the best interest of the league and our members in mind. This will be a one year position which will be up for election in the 2023 election process. This is not an election at this time, please do not nominate members

Below are the duties and obligations of the Assistant Commissioner according to section 3.4 of the CGSL By-laws.

3.4 Assistant Commissioner: The duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Commissioner shall include, but are not limited to the following:

a) Report and seek approval for activities from Executive Committee;

b) Perform all duties and exercising all powers of the Commissioner during the Commissioner's absence or disability. If both the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner are unavailable, the Executive Officer with the most seniority shall be responsible for performing these duties;

c) In the Commissioner’s absence, the Assistant Commissioner has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Executive Committee that require an immediate or urgent response to financial matters not totaling more than $500. Under these circumstances:

 • An explanation must be provided to the Executive Committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting,

 • The Executive Committee shall review the expenditure and in the event that the expenditure is deemed unacceptable by a majority vote of the Executive Committee (excluding the Assistant Commissioner), the Assistant Commissioner shall reimburse the league for the amount of the expenditure;

d) Be the Executive Officer lead for the following committees:

• Tournament Committee,

• Player Ratings Committee (delegated);

• Coaching Clinics (based on need)

e) Be the Executive Officer lead or delegate responsibility for the following committees:

• Awards Committee;

f) Chair all Manager’s Council meetings;

g) Be the Executive Committee contact for all team managers to direct all questions, issues identified, comments and suggestions;

h) Consult team managers and/or general membership on key issues/changes as needed. Report back on findings/results prior to the Executive Committee’s vote on the subject;

i) Inform the appropriate team manager(s) of any Executive Committee decisions within one week of the Executive Committee meeting where a question, issue or suggestion was raised;

j) Serve as an authorized signatory on league bank accounts and financial matters;

k) Provide support and guidance to all other executive positions.

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